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    • 보통사람으로는 그렇죠ㅕ5455655 맛있는건데874877 2019-05-30

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    • Order Cancellation Sarah Lee 2019-04-15

      Hello, this is Sarah Lee and I ordered three items from your shopping mall. It’s been three weeks since I have ordered, but it’s not yet shipped. So I would like to get a refund for those three items. My order number is 20190324-0000248. Please reply me back ASAP. Thank you


      Sarah Lee
    • Order cancellation Sarah Lee 2019-01-06

      Hello, this is Sarah Lee who bought two pants on December 19, 2018. The order status is still not processing, so I would like to get a refund for my order. My order number is 20181219-0001507. Thank you.

    • Shipment process Hyunjung Lee 2018-10-05

      Hello, I'm Hyunjung Lee who ordered for 4 items about two weeks ago. Because it's been so long, I just checked my order status and noticed that it's not yet shipped. Can you guys check and see if this items can be sent as soon as possible? When it reaches to me, it'll take another two weeks or so to get my items. My order number is 20180925-0000169.

      안녕하세요. 제가 2주쯤 전에 아이템 4개를 주문 했는데 그게 아직 오지 않았습니다. 오늘 체크하니 아직 배송전 이더라고요. 여기까지 오는데 2주정도 더 걸릴텐데 한달만에 아이템이 온다는게 너무 오래 걸리는것 같습니다. 최대한 빨리 체크 해주시고 보내주세요. 감사합니다.

    • Shipping status Yeonjin Song 2018-07-25

      Thank you for your help. (for the below question)
      I really hope I can hear back from you at this time because I didn’t hear anything last time.
      It has been almost two weeks since I ordered the items. I bought the clothes for my vacation, and I’m gonna leave in 2 weeks for vacation.
      I really hope I can get my clothes before that.

      Thank you.
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